Accredited E-Learning for health and Social Care Workers & Organisations

As an accredited e-learning provider, we provide e-learning for health and social care workers and organisations seeking an affordable one-stop shop solution for their learning and professional development needs.

Whether you're a new or aspiring care professional looking to get into care work, an experienced care professional needing to refresh old skills and acquire new ones, or an organisation looking to train staff and remain compliant, we have the right courses for you.

All our online courses are CPD accredited and allow you the flexibility to learn from any device and location you wish, at a pace suitable for all.

​Here Are Just a few benefits...


Our e-learning modules and courses are gentle on the pocket. At affordable prices, we make investing in professional development and quality care an easy choice.


All our courses are accredited and recognised by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  You receive a downloadable certificate upon successful completion of your online assessment to demonstrate competence.


​You will have instant access to courses and can access them any time you want within a 12 month period from any device or location.

​Improve Performance and Productivity

​Through continual professional development, you will enhance your ability and skillset to perform your role to a high standard.  This can then help you advance your career through promotions.

​​Learn at Own Pace

​With 12 months to finish the course, staff can have unlimited retakes to pass the course at no extra cost. This means they can pause and resume the course at anytime, with no pressure to complete.

UK Compliant

Our Courses are Compliant with UK legislation and accredited governing body's. The full list of these can be found on our FAQs page.

​Cr​ucial Feedback

​​​Each of our courses require you to take an exam and assessment. This feedback can help you identify existing knowledge gaps and future learning needs to aid your professional development.

​​Subject Experts

Not only are our courses accredited but are also created by subject matter experts.  This ensures the content you're learning is of high quality and is up to date to reflect current best practices and knowledge.

What Other ​Care Workers Have to Say

Care Worker Training Staff 1

​I have been a general care giver for many years but wanted to move into a more vertical or specialist role. My challenge was going to be training, not so much experience. Training is expensive, or so I thought, and then I found Nurtured Care Skills. I was amazed at how affordable the course were and when I saw how many they had I was spoiled for choice. E-learning was perfect for me as I could learn at my own pace and at a time that suited me.

Alice Tinkerton

Care Worker Training Staff 2

​I was looking for work in the health care industry. I had some experience but very little in the way of training or qualifications. Nurtured Care Skills helped me get the basic training I needed and it was really affordable.

Cameron Alistair


​Grow Your Knowledge & Skills Today!

Investing in your professional development and skillset has never been easier or affordable.

Our CPD accredited e-learning for health and social care courses can help you achieve your professional goals. ​

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